Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lock N Lock Party anyone?

Me and my friends used to have Tupperware party. But then, we started mostly using glass containers and because of my obsession with LNL, I have my kitchen filled with LNL cookware, storage containers, tableware etc etc. Needless to say, I have influenced my friends too. They too started buying lock n lock. So, one day it occurred to me that we should have Lock N Lock party instead of tupperware party.

Courtesy: Lock N Lock

This party has one and only one simple rule:

Make either a new dish (meaning that none of us have made it before, it could be someone else's recipe too) or use a new LNL cookware to make the dish that you'll be bringing to the party or bring the dish in a new food container. This is one challenging rule...ain't it?

Its okay if you have already used the cookware or the food container before, but it should be new to the party. And if its a new recipe, then the rule is that you'll have to bring in a copy of the recipe for each of the participants. If any one of us can't satisfy these conditions, we volunteer to host the party at our home. We also take some pictures during the party and share them with all the participants the next day.

So, for all those who are LNL fans, I hope this is an inspiration to have fun with your friends and family and enjoy your LNL at the same time.

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