Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Storing opened ground spices

Spices play a very important role in Indian cooking, be it ground spices or whole spices. The problem I often face in my kitchen is to store the dried spices after opening the container. So, the other day I was looking online on how to store them and found this website. It has some great tips and ideas to store the spices and one of them is to keep the spices closed in an airtight container and hence I was looking for one. As a part of LNL supporters program, I received a Bisfree container with cute floral pattern on the lid and a handle. It is made of tritan material and is BPA free. It is clear plastic and looks just like a Boroseal 12 cup glass container that I got in the past and is light as a feather when compared to the glass container (I have to say my darling husband is so excited to see this one! He reserved this to take gulab jamun, an indian desert, to his potluck at work. He wanted this, and only this one, because he knows that the sugar syrup will not leak in this container).  Anyhow, I decided to store all my opened ground spices in this container. 

I also received a cosmetic case as part of supporters program. Since I am not big on using cosmetics, I don't have any to store. Hence I decided to use it in the kitchen as well. Some store bought spice packets are neatly organized in it instead of being here and there.

These fit well in the kitchen drawer along with some other unopened spices.

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